English Cocker Spaniels
Nickel and Dimes

In memory 

Alen Ashen Dutch Duchess (2008)

Alen Ashen Dutch Duchess (Meggy)


Symbiosis Classic Design

Symbosis Classic Design (Nick)
10-03-2004 - 06-10-2017

Nick our most,lovely sweet boy we will miss him.



Starshine (Sterre)
11-02-2000 - 25-10-2012


Floroyal Bedazzling

Floroyal Bedazzling (Sally)
21-03-2000 - 25-10-2012


Speggle-Waggels Indespensible Iris (Iris)
 29-06-88 - 13-03-99


Okell One for Love (Phoebe) 
19-06-93 - 11-08 1999


Symbiosis Stardew (Livvy)
 10-03-97 - 11-06-2001

She is missed so much. Livvy was a fantastic cocker with a super temperament. We will never forget her, because her childeren Nickel and Dimes Special Lad & Nickel and Dimes Special Memory keep the memory's alive.


Kingsoak Crocus (Crocus) 
23-07-91 - 18-10-2001
Together with Merlin she was the start of our kennel. She was a beautiful dark blue bitch with a sweet character.


Glarus Shooting Star (Merlin) 
10-09-89 - 02-05-2002

He was our first cocker from England and the start of our kennel. He had a wonderful personality! and was a real gentleman.

Nickel and Dimes Abergavenny (Abby) 
21-08-2002 - 15-12-2006

Nickel and Dimes Cotton Tail (Clair)
03-07-1993 - 31-01-2007

Nickel and Dimes Special Lad (Laddy)
11-06-2001 - 19-09-2007

Nickel and Dimes Leave it to Me (Lori)
27-12-1997 - 27-12-2007


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